is knowledge.

Highlighter machine learning delivers simple analysis tools for complex sensor data. By saving time, money, effort and troubles, Highlighter transforms your enterprise.

How Highlighter helps.
You scale with speed,
insight and accuracy.
Identify assets important to your operations
Your enterprise has physical assets and objects of importance to monitor and manage. In Highlighter you can identify, define, classify, track and map them.
Gain a deeper understanding
of your assets
Highlighter supports all sensor data types – from image and video to audio and signal. Data is automatically labelled and assessed based on your requirements.
Streamline and standardise how you manage your assets
Manage assets consistently and efficiently using customisable workflows that improve assessment accuracy and reduce errors.
Create and
visualise a single
source of truth
With Highlighter’s visualisation tools, your assets are easy to pinpoint and classify so you can make informed decisions about them.
Scale and learn
with unmatched
Highlighter learns in lockstep with your team, acquiring more information and responding to feedback to become smarter and more effective over time.
Get started.
Expand Highlighter
across your organisation use case by use case.
You can start with a
small footprint, and grow.
Get started

Jonathan Chang, talks how to manage perception data at scale, simply.

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Highlighter is developed and supported by a leading specialist Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning company, Silverpond.

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